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  • You come first

    A holiday with Mekong Viet  doesn’t start with predetermined departure dates or itineraries. It starts at the other end – with you. We get to know you, finding out whether you prefer hot weather or cool, spicy food or bland, luxury hotels or homestays – and only then do we start planning. Our regional experts work with you to make sure that the holiday you dream of becomes a reality. For us, your needs come first. Always.

  • Up-to-the-minute knowledge

    We have a policy of constant improvement. This means that we keep up-to-date on every trip and destination we offer. If a great new restaurant or boutique hotel has just opened, we’ll take you there. Our experts have their ears to the ground, guaranteeing that we offer you the freshest experience possible.

  • We color outside the lines

    Our thinking is creative and original. We do things differently than other travel agencies, adding special touches and generating new ideas for how to make the most of every day you’re traveling. And because we get to know you before creating your trip, you can be assured that we’re thinking about you every step of the way.

  • Responsible Travel

    Committed to our destinations Committed to our destinations

  • Owner-run

    Mekong Viet is a boutique agency that is proudly owner-run. What this means for you is that it’s in our interest to make sure you have the holiday of a lifetime, and we’ll do everything in our power to make it so.

    Mekong Viet  was started four years ago by Huong Nguyen. With twelve years experience working for Vietnam Airlines, a lifelong travelling habit and a passion for sharing the destinations she knows and loves with the world, Huong’s an expert in separating the authentic from the merely touristy. She and her team have made Mekong Viet a travel agency that’s in a different league from the myriad cookie-cutter agencies in Asia. In short: we love what we do and it shows. 



  • On-the-ground expertise

     We specialize only in journeys to countries we know and love. When you plan a holiday with Mekong Viet, you’ll speak with someone who’s not only been where you want to go, who doesn’t just know the country inside and out – they also have a passion for it. To us, the destinations we offer aren’t just places to visit, they’re home.