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Nine Days of Discovery & Cruising ‘Road to Mandalay”

Whether you call it Burma or Myanmar, there’s no disputing the pull this land exerts on the imagination. From the romanticism evoked by the name “Mandalay” to images of elephants, golden pagodas and fisherman, this is a country most know only in their imaginations. If you’re ready for an adventure, it’s now possible to discover the real thing. Mekong Viet Travel has created a 9-day journey, start from the former capital, up rivers to ancient city, across the plains and to the islands. On this trip, you’ll be immersed in all the country has to offer without barriers and with local guides. This is an excursion into the unknown, and it’s an experience you’ll never forget. Begin your journey in Yangon, formerly Rangoon, a city where modernity and tradition meld. Chat with locals in teashops, and visit the massive reclining Buddha while getting an introduction to Burmese food. Following a short flight to Mandalay, where ancient capital cities, massive temples and romantic ruins illustrate the colorful and convoluted history of Myanmar. Boarding on “Road to Mandalay cruise” for 4 days exploring Irrawaddy river from Mandalay to Bagan, one of the most astounding sights in Asia, where thousands of shrines to the Buddha stud the dry plains, overwhelming the first-time visitor. The last few days of your tour will be spent with a trip to beautiful Inle Lake, home to floating farms and homes, and surrounded by a ring of craggy mountains. Immerse yourself in the country’s natural beauty, while also making time to see the wealth of ancient stupas in nearby Alaung Sitthou. This tour can be customized to suit your preferences, and we’d be delighted to create a Myanmar tour just for you. Mekong Viet Travel is one of the few companies that knows Myanmar inside and out, and we look forward to bringing you here!

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