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High lights of Cambodia 6 days

Cambodia overflows with history, myth and spirituality. Those with limited time, however, can still enjoy the best of what this remarkable country has to offer. Mekong Viet Travel has carefully planned a six-day journey that thoroughly explores the magical city of Phnom Penh and the ancient mystique of Angkor Wat. Beginning in Phnom Penh, tour the city’s sights, learning about Khmer art and royal traditions as well as the horrors of the Khmer Rouge regim. Take a short flight to Siem Reap, Cambodia’s fastest-growing city, visit Tonle Sap Lake the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia – the communities living on a completely different ways of life. Spend a few days to delve deep into Cambodian history and ancient civilization by touring the Angkor, the world’s most impressive religious sites. Intricately carved temples, long roads and their vast size convey how this place was once a powerful, energetic world. With the help of Mekong Viet Travel’s expert guides, prepare to immerse yourself in Cambodia’s compelling history, spectacular sights and the welcoming warmth of its people.

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