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Vietnam Culinary Experience

I love eating and crazy to find out the new food of each place that i have been travel.Culinary vacations is not new for me. . Food & travel....Travel & food. For me the market of each country is the place to tell about its people, history & culture. I design this itinerary base on my life experience and pick from the best street stall to the fine dining restaurant through my country to show you that Vietnam is a gourmet paradise: a real culinary treat. Vietnam is known for for its exotic cuisine which differs between the southern, central and northern regions of the country. Vietnam boasts over 500 local specialties and the cuisine has evolved with the country's history: absorbing the best of China, Cambodia and some French flair. Although this is a food centric tour, you do not have to be an accomplished cook or even a "foodie" to enjoy it. I use food as a window into the culture and help guide you into memorable dining experiences. This is not school, and you will not be in classes everyday, but you may end up learning a lot On this tour, you will not only have an opportunity to experience spectacular sights, stay at Vietnam's finest hotels, participate in an array of uncommon activities, and sample fabulous cuisines in Vietnam's top destinations, but a unique opportunity to bring home the region's best-kept culinary secrets that the world has grown to love so much.

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