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Sights and Spices: 12 Days

Tantalize your taste buds with the region’s most popular cuisine.  Whether you crave a four-star, gourmet meal or dining at a street stall, Thailand has a variety of combinations that will satisfy your palate. Enjoy a spicy plate of som tam Thai (spicy papaya salad), hot-off-the-grill northern Thai sausage, a piping hot bowl of Tom Yum Gai, a spicy plate of larb moo.  There are wide varieties between southern, central and northern Thai food and each have something delicious to offer.  Don’t forget to sample the amazing fresh fruit – mangosteens, lychee, rambutan – each are available whole, juiced or blended in a cool smoothie. Learn how to cook Thai cuisine yourself with an all-day cooking class at one of Thailand’s culinary schools.  Start your day with a trip to the morning market to buy fresh ingredients and cook the afternoon away as you learn the secrets of Thai flavor.

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