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In and Around the Golden Triangle: 2 Weeks in Thailand, Myanmar and Laos

The Golden Triangle is a storied place, once filled with rumors, myths, drug-trafficking and rebel armies. Formerly notorious for the amount of opium it produced, today the area is safe and open to tourism, and visitors are discovering a whole new region that is dynamic, beautiful and inviting. Visit all three sides of the Golden Triangle: exploring the north of Thailand, crossing the border for a day trip to Myanmar, and then journeying by water through the north of Laos to Luang Prabang and Vientiane. Begin in Bangkok, where you’ll spend three days exploring the frenetic energy, amazing restaurants and incredible temples of Thailand’s capital. Next, take a short flight to Chiang Rai in the forested, mountainous north of Thailand, where you’ll be based for the next few days. This is the gateway to the Golden Triangle, and is rich with a history of opium growing. After a day riding an elephant through bamboo forests, the next morning you’ll cross the border into Myanmar, a country that’s mostly locked away from the rest of the world. Venture into the market town near the border, where you can meet Burmese citizens and try the local food, getting a feel for this mysterious and beautiful country. Return to Thailand the same day, and climb “Flag Mountain” for stunning views of the region. The next three days you’ll spend on a leisurely cruise down the Mekong River through northern Laos. Visit small ethnic minority villages to learn about local customs, or simply enjoy the movement of the traditional wooden boat through the murky waters and lush jungles. Arriving in Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage site, you’ll spend a delightful two days touring this charming and peaceful gem of a city. Afterwards, drive on to Xieng Khuang, home to the mysterious, otherworldly Plain of Jars. The end of your trip will be spent in Vientiane, the dynamic capital of Laos that’s dotted with colonial-era buildings and ancient temples.

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