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8-Day Expedition from Siem Reap to Saigon
With life in Cambodia and Vietnam centered around their waterways, there’s no better way to experience these countries than on the deck of a cruising junk. Those whose idea of the perfect holiday combines sightseeing with plenty of relaxation will find this eight-day cruise just the ticket. Journey through Cambodia to Vietnam at a slow pace, observing riverside life and visiting floating villages, local temples and bustling cities. Gain an authentic understanding of everyday life in these countries, where people may live and die without ever going more than 50 kilometers from where they were born. This journey takes place on the Jayavarman, a specially designed cruising junk that incorporates French colonial style, Indochina accents and western comforts and indulgences. Beginning in Siem Reap, the junk makes its way down the Tonle Sap River, threading its way through riverside towns, floating villages and ancient Buddhist temples. Spend a day and a half exploring Phnom Penh, learning about the Khmer Rouge regime and seeing firsthand the incredible recovery Cambodia has made. Depart for the Vietnamese border, and observe the subtle yet important differences between to two countries. Enter the Mekong Delta, home to fishermen, lively markets and houses on stilts. Explore the small towns that lie by the river, where temples are situated next to massive fish farms, and the locals find visitors just as unusual as the visitors find them. The journey ends in Saigon, Vietnam’s biggest and most frenetic city.

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