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Luang Prabang Up Close: Getting to Know the City of Buddha 6-Days

Luang Prabang is the best of Laos all in one place. Studded with golden temples, surrounded by mountains and with a wonderfully serene ambiance, Luang Prabang is truly the heart of the country. Walk down its small streets and see the vestiges of French colonization, sail down the Mekong River and watch children splashing on its banks, shop in its markets and feast on its legendary cuisine. Whatever you expect from Laos, you’ll find it here. Embark with Mekong Viet on a six-day exploration of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Begin with sightseeing, visiting the city’s palace and ancient temples. Immerse yourself in dynamic Laotian cuisine with an outdoor cooking class taught in a verdant garden. Learn how to dye the beautiful silks that are produced here, and get to know Laos’ colorful ethnic minority groups with a visit to their villages after cycling and trekking through the scenic countryside. Enjoy spectacular views on a hike to Kuang Si Waterfall, where you can swim in clear pools, enjoy a picnic lunch and spend time communing with nature in a near-perfect setting. For most travelers, Luang Prabang is too far off the tourist radar, but these six days in the heart of Laos are sure to be some of the most memorable of your life.

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