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Embrace Laos: 12 Days in the Land of a Million Elephants

Laos is a small country, but one that deserves much more than a fleeting visit. Get to know it intimately with Mekong Viet ’s 12-day journey, carefully designed to show you the best of the north, south and everything in between. Begin in beautiful Luang Prabang, one of Laos’ main attractions. With an idyllic setting amongst lush mountains, this World Heritage site provides boundless opportunities for sightseeing. Wander its gorgeous temples, caves and mountains, and make an excursion to a nearby waterfall for some outdoor fun. Next, journey to Xieng Khuang, surrounded by green hills and pine forests, and the jumping-off point for exploring the ancient and enigmatic Plain of Jars. Drive from Xieng Khuang to Vang Vieng, a town offering incredible landscapes and plenty of activity. After exploring Vang Vieng’s caves and rivers, move on to Vientiane, whose setting along the Mekong River is striking and romantic. Following a day of sightseeing at Vientiane’s most beautiful landmarks, including stunning ancient temples, fly south to Pakse, the base for a hike to the amazingly cool, lush and diverse Bolaven Plateau. The next day, visit Wat Pho, a Khmer temple complex whose partially ruined buildings and elaborate carvings are imposing and compelling. The last two nights of your Laos journey will be spent relaxing in the famed 4,000 Islands region, where nature’s beauty provides all the entertainment you’ll need (although there’s boating, swimming and river dolphins, should you want them). With fewer tourists than its Southeast Asian counterparts, Laos embodies the peaceful Buddhist aesthetic. Its natural beauty and friendly people make this a distinctive and engaging holiday destination.

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