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Total: 319400 sq miles

Land: 318014 sq miles

Water: 1,386 sq miles


Tropical; rainy, warm, cloudy southwest monsoon (mid-May to September); dry, cool northeast monsoon (November to mid-March); southern isthmus always hot and humid

Elevation Extremes:

Lowest point: Gulf of Thailand 0 ft

Highest point: Doi Inthanon 8449 ft

Population: 64,631,595

Ethnic Groups: Thai 75%, Chinese 14%, other 11%

Religions: Buddhist 94.6%, Muslim 4.6%, Christian 0.7%, other 0.1%

Languages: Thai, English (secondary language of the elite), ethnic and regional dialects

Country name :

Conventional long form: Kingdom of Thailand

Conventional short form: Thailand

Former: Siam

Government type:

Constitutional monarchy

Capital: Bangkok

Independence: 1238 (traditional founding date; never colonized)

GDP - per capita (PPP): $8,300 (2005 est.)

Currency: Thai baht (THB)

Time Zone: GMT +7

Country Dialing Code: +66

Electricity: 220V 50HzHz