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There’s a magic about Cambodia that’s hard to define. From the splendour of the inspiring Angkor Wat temples to herds of oxen meandering along sandy village roads -- it’s a country that’s likely to capture your heart. You’ll see shimmering spires of pagodas in the moonlight alongside street kids living in cardboard boxes. You’ll observe saffron-wrapped monks stroll the streets, tuktuks weave in a frenzied traffic dance and tiny brown-eyed children wave to you in the countryside. And everywhere you go, you’ll see the same thing: smiling faces of people who embrace you without hesitation. The Cambodia of today is a far cry from the country which is most known for its devastating Khmer Rouge genocide. But, while the capital city of Phnom Penh boasts sushi bars and Italian restaurants, rooftop cocktail lounges and French wine bars, there are still many historical monuments to the tragedies which befell the country in the 1970s. The Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng genocide museum provide chilling glimpses into a time when the country lived in fear and both serve as a reminder of the incredible resilience of this gentle population. And the Royal Palace, National Museum and Wat Phnom offer a look back into the history of this fascinating country. The temples of Angkor Wat are the main attraction for travelers to Cambodia and you’ll find yourself transported back in time as you wander through these ancient stone structures. Stunning bas relief carvings mingle with knotty tree stumps and stunning sunrises over the temples start your day with a glow. In Siem Reap, you can experience top-notch restaurants, colorful outdoor markets, silk farms and boat trips on the Tonle Sap, the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia. And outside the cities, nothing says Cambodia more than rice paddies. Once you’re in the countryside, you’ll see mile after mile of lush green pastures, oxen pulling carts and small dusty villages. Children run out to greet you and everyone you meet has a smile and a kind word for a visitor. In the south, you can hike in the dense Cardamom Mountains, get a massage on a beach in Rabbit Island, explore massive waterfalls and lakes in Mondulkiri and Ratankiri and paddle kayaks along the river in Battambang. People are laid back, warm and hospitable and the south boasts small islands off the coast of Kep, lush jungles around Koh Kong, simple eco lodges in Kampot and some of the best crab you’ve ever tasted.